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Impoverished pearl-diver Kino finds the ‘pearl of the world’ and believes his family’s life will be transformed. Seduced by the pearl’s beauty and promise of riches, he’s blind to the danger of possessing something that everyone wants. This timeless fable about the allure of greed, the confines of class, and the redemptive power of love, asks us to consider: what do we value most in the world?
Travel back 100 years to the battle fields of the First World War, when pigeons saved lives by flying vital messages behind enemy lines. This is the incredible true story of one of those birds, who became known as ‘Cher Ami’.
Want to support the amazing artistic vibe in Oxford? Why not support a local artist? Come and meet six people who have amazing creative ideas and just need a little bit of help to bring them to life. Listen to their pitch and vote for the proposal you like best.
Black History Month is celebrated this evening with a theatrical curtain raiser from Kuumba Nia Arts followed by a screening of the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Complete the night with a brief post film discussion.
A new father-son comedy from Fringe First winner Richard Marsh. Mum’s dead. Annoyingly, dad’s not. After twenty years apart, can this estranged father and son say goodbye to mum without saying hello to each other? Her last wishes don’t give them much choice...
Sunderland is a long way from Ypres. Will, Robbie and Jumbo, who would much rather be at home, gain comfort from singing but draw unwelcome attention from the officers. Is music their ticket away from the Front, as Robbie dreams, or will the passion it brings about prove more dangerous than bullets or gas?
Funky Monkey has lost his funk! Who’s got it? Where can it be? How can he get it back? Meet a host of funktastic Monkeys, a Funk Doctor and join in the funkadelic jungle fun!
Join Saikat as he dances precariously through his dual-identity childhood, torn between the familiar sights of Birmingham and the mysteries of Bangladesh. Meet werewolves in the playground, nuns in the corridors and tangerines in the dancehall. This show by Travelling Light is for anyone who ever had to grow up, a show about being a second generation immigrant in the UK but feeling like an Englishman abroad.
Oxfordshire Music Education Partnership brings together young bands and artist from Oxfordshire County Music Service, Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership, The Oxford Academy, St. Gregory The Great School and Readipop for an evening of energetic performances - from rock to rap.
Shakespeare's Macbeth re-invented for young audiences in an innovative, one-man, digital production of Nick Walker's hugely successful adaptation. A macabre porter is trapped inside a two-dimensional portal. Released from his world by the arrival of an audience, he leads us straight into the dark heart of Shakespeare's play.
Twelve young writers aged 11-25 years present their short scripts to you, the audience, for the first time following the Writing For Performance course at Pegasus with tutor Taryn Storey. All manner of subject matter and genres will be tackled in an evening full of dramatic surprises from new talent.
A joyfully frenetic whirlwind of a show, full of daft Victorian invention, daring deeds and downright silliness. Three actors portray a cast of thousands in this madcap adaption of Jules Verne's globetrotting classic, bringing to life sea storms, police chases and even elephant rides.
Romance, humour and politics collide when a library is closed down, only to arise phoenix style when the local community pull together. Expect the unexpected as books fly overhead, performers go free-running over the shelves and the whole set is manipulated for a fast-flowing, feel-good show for all the family and dance lovers of all ages.
Grimlake's Emporium of Novelties is a dilapidated shop on the outskirts of nowhere. Elderly Albert Grimlake is obsessed with puppets, especially the ventriloquist's dummies whose faces bear and uncanny resemblance to customers, friends and family long gone. He has no successor until Eric comes along. Young and keen as mustard, he's seen all the Muppets movies. Twice. But Eric discovers there is so much to learn.
The best fun you and your toddlers can enjoy together. After a workshop with professional dancers, the lights dim and the DJ gets the music started for a fabulous hour with hit after hit to groove along to. Plus a whole host of activities in the café run by the Pegasus Youth Theatre Members’ Committee.
Who runs the town? The highest office gives the best view of all but it's a long way from the street and the quickest way down is to fall. A group of hi-rise city workers climb the career ladder, slide on the slippery slope of success, engage in an office romance and fight to make a killing before they get the push.
Spitalfields Music's hugely popular Musical Rumpus series comes to Pegasus Theatre. Explore a magical underwater world of mermaids and monsters on this journey into the beautiful music of renowned baroque composer JS Back, especially designed for very young ears.
Chess is in prison. Facing a lengthy sentence, her cell mate, Serena, becomes her soul mate. But when Serena is given parole, Chess faces total isolation. Hope comes in the form of a music producer looking for a reason to love music again. She finds a powerful voice in Chess. But to harness her talent, Chess must first face her past.
A celebration of dance. Oxford Youth Dance Company once again presents an extraordinary, imaginative, energetic programme of their own work plus special guest appearances by ex-company members.
Imagine a place where what you see is not what it seems. A secret place with a hidden castle and hidden stories. A place where the Princesses don't know they are Princesses and the Princes don't really want to become Kings. A place where appearances can be deceptive!
Young Kai and Gerda are very best friends, but when the Snow Queen steals Kai away to her frozen palace, Gerda must got to the ends of the Earth to save him and melt the splinter of ice in his heart. Inspired by Hans Andersen's classic story of friendship and growing up, follow Gerda as she faces dangers and dilemmas, magic and adventure. Get up close to the action - to a show that's fast-moving, inventive, packed with comic characters, excitement and plenty of fun.