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Imagine a place where what you see is not what it seems. A secret place with a hidden castle and hidden stories. A place where the Princesses don't know they are Princesses and the Princes don't really want to become Kings. A place where appearances can be deceptive!
Young Kai and Gerda are very best friends, but when the Snow Queen steals Kai away to her frozen palace, Gerda must got to the ends of the Earth to save him and melt the splinter of ice in his heart. Inspired by Hans Andersen's classic story of friendship and growing up, follow Gerda as she faces dangers and dilemmas, magic and adventure. Get up close to the action - to a show that's fast-moving, inventive, packed with comic characters, excitement and plenty of fun.
Fun family-friendly Christmas concerts Regular Cushion Concerts on Sundays introduce children and their families to how different instruments make music. These informal concerts last 45 minutes. Bring your own cushions!
This is a snowy tale of a lazy boy, a greedy woodcutter and a large and lonely snowman. Wave your wand and find out if friendship will conquer all in this magical production.
It's the moon's birthday and he's having a party! Join us as we journey through strange and distant lands to get to the moon's party. This show for 3-6 year olds includes dance, live music, and audience interaction.